Homemade Instruments

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  1. Anyone here ever make em?

    I've made a cigar box guitar and a few others. Its amazing what you can make on a small budget
  2. I made drums out of instant noodle cups
  3. I had a mandola nicked along with a Strat Plus a Hayman(became Shergold)made of perspex and a Yamaha Electro Acoustic nicked from Keel Uni mid tour and i had to go home and make another mandola in two days and also i remember i borrowed a Telecaster to replace my electrics. Two days being a tall order(next gig three days time The Lamb at Preston, remember it well cos it never happened) I set about with the enthusiasm of youth, a piece of Maple from the bass players dad, a lump of Mahogany from a pub in Sandbach etc no money so the whole thing had to be wombled together and was going well till i ended up in accident and emergency filling out an accident form which rather embarrasly stating, nature of injury-splinter in finger omitting to mention it was at least 3 inches long before i broke both ends off trying to pull it out, i still remember how much it hurt and how much local anasthetique they pumped in before they pulled the bugger out. Anyhow we had to cancel the Preston gig (we were big in Preston lots of drugs and groopies dead cool place at the time never bin back since the band split) but we did play a week later and i had got it to the stage where it was possible to play songs on it although it played like a builder had made it and in fact still does because i still play it every gig as my slide guitar, and there lies the punch line because it took me a week to make the mandola ( which incidentaly is called 'The Alone And Strange') and yet thirty years later it still aint finished. I,m a lazy man . later mes camarade
  4. I used to tie a 10 foot clothesline tight across pillars on my basement, and put one hand on the edge, and pull it harder or softer to create tone, and strum it with a metal washer. It sounded like a standup bass  :smoke:

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