Homemade Inlines

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Dakare36, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Here are my two homemade inline's made out of plastic Voss water bottles, the left one has a dome perc, and the right a 13 arm, each straw end is sealed and each straw has 4 holes
    let me know what you guys think





  2. thats so ill man.

    dam lol
  3. Veery cool and intricate homemade pieces. :cool::cool:
  4. nicely constructed
  5. very impressive! how long did they take to build?
  6. Awesome dude, +rep
  7. the dome perc inline took around an hour and the inline/13 took a little less than 2 hours
  8. What exactly is that elbow made of?
  9. Looks like copper
  10. Really nice homemade pieces man. How do they hit? I would assume just like any other high end bong as the construction looks really sturdy and solid. Excellent job.
  11. Haha I love the "Thank you for not smoking" tabletop sign in the back of picture 3!
  12. how do they hit? look pretty interesting
  13. Copper isn't exactly safe to smoke out of lol...
  14. i think youre thinking of brass, maybe idk im stoned off my ass idk why im even typing this its not like i care i have my own glass so why am i even looking at this thread? idk :smoking:
  15. Brass is safe, copper is not.
  16. oh ok thanks man, i still dont really care though lol
  17. really, copper is only unsafe if it's put to flame. it takes quite a bit of heat to burn off the toxins and produce the harmful gases. our drinking water comes through copper, as an example. brass doesn't release toxins when put to heat. if the bowl is glass (which it is), i'd hit it.
  18. yea the bowl is glass which is the only part thats getting a good amount of heat. the smoke itself is not hot enough to release any toxins

    and yea they hit pretty damn good, smooth as hell
  19. Haha that's so sick man. + Rep
  20. Very nice. Excellent craftsmanship!!

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