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  1. Does anyone know how the bowl mechanism works when you clear the chamber? It appears that it's like snapping.

    Creating a homemade incredibowl is my newest project and I'd love to get that clearing action.
  2. I don't remember too much from mine, but I think there was a black part which had a circle of holes. I think what happens is that when you pull on the incredibowl, air gets sucked through those holes and makes that smoke effect.

    Other than that, all I remember is that the smoke would travel from the glass bowl down a metal tube which had a screen at the end and then into plastic-feeling glass.
  3. why are you bumping.. i just showed you the whole thing taken apart.. you should be able to figure it out from there
  4. I want to know if anyone else out there has made one and I'd like to know their results
  5. it's just a fancy steamroller... i can picture how simple it would be to make one out of 1-1 1/2" washers and say 1/4" piping with threading on each end.. one end for a nut you could screw on the end and pop a screen in.. then the other side affix some sort of bowl.. the washers would sit flush against some polycarbonate or pvc the same width of the washers.. get a cap to match the tubing.. drill hole the size of the piping... add spring.. ta da!
  6. damn bro, are you an engineer?
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    by this [retarded] logic, I could "make a roor/illadelph" (or whatever bong is trendy now) easily with just a beer bottle, a glass drill bit, a socket and piece of pipe, and some putty. Same concepts at play, right?

    since the incredibowl first came out, idiots on here have been saying they could just make one down at the hardware store, "no problem." Still haven't seen a single one, and even if you could put something together that looks similar, would it be able to hold a glass stem, or would you just be smoking off the metal?

    Why do I even care about people being stupid about smoking utensils...
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    he wanted an answer.. i gave it to him.. do i know or think it will work... seems the concept is there... there will be no glass bowl unless you used like an old school 9mm slide and figured someway out to attach it.. I have an incredibowl m420.. its cool.. but i can totally see why someone would want to try and make one.. they are not cheap for something mainly made from plastic and aluminum

    and your whole beer bottle analogy is beyond dumb... unless you are making your bong out of a Yuengling bottle or Bitburger bottle..

    PS: only beer snobs will probably understand that last bit seeing as Yuengling is a german craft beer made in the US and Bitburger is a German beer.. get it? illedelph is former US RooR and RooR is german glass :p
  9. Well in that case get me an avocado, an ice pick, and my snorkel. Trust me bro, I've made bongs with less

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