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Homemade Hallucinogens

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by B Ridge Toker, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. I've seen in some threads that you can put hand sanitizer in the freezer over night and scrape the top layer off and combine it with the phosporus tips in matches and I think in relation with the ingredients it would make a ghetto chemical reaction and create something like a homemade mescaline substance like that of which you get from the cacti peyote and what not. I only found one thread about it though, and the guy wasn't very specific. The keypoints are just: leave in freezer over night, then obtain the top substance of it, combine with the phosporus, and smoke it. That's it though, and I've already tried it twice and it didn't work but I guess it didn't work because I only waited 3-4 hours on both tries. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a bit more about the subject so they could enlighten me on the correct way to do this shit.
  2. Sounds pretty ghetto bro. Try some san pedro instead much less ghetto. If it is your first time with cacti I suggest a sober watcher/babysitter.
  3. Well the hand sanitizer is alcohol (not the drinkable kind, they add a chemical so you can't drink it,) which won't have any effect smoked and the match tips are just red phosphorus if I'm not mistaken. neither of which have any psychoactive effects smoked. I don't believe any reaction occurs by mixing those chemical. smoking the result can't be good for your heath. Get some real psychedelics, there are plenty of legal ones if that is your concern. Salvia, morning glory, HBWR, etc.
  4. Yeah. My only problem right now is I'm in an extremely tight situation and that's the only thing I've got to work with. I don't even have any cough syrup in the house with DXM, I've been trying to find things that I can create with little trouble and I mean I don't have shit in my house. I just spent most of the money I got right now the day before yesterday on some pot, it was 40 A GRAM! I was like, this is fucking rediculious, I was sure I was getting ripped off. But, sure enough, we rolled 2 grams of it into a joint and passed it between a few buddies of mine and I mean first hit, FIRST hit I was fried. I noticed that when my friend blazer was rollin' it the shit looked like white rhino or window, but instead of the thc looking crystaline it was more like that was the natural color of the bud, it was like just bright white. Well, whatever it was it kicked my ass. The bad part to the story is blazer had to leave and dropped us off in McDonalds literally 10 minutes after smokin' that shit. I went to the bathroom and couldn't even see pupils in my eyes. Fuckin' DEA agent came in to make things worse, I was the only one acting sober, fuck I hate noob smokers, lol.
  5. Dude what are the chances a DEA would come into that Mcdonalds
  6. Well yeah dude, I thought the same thing at first, but I did some research and some of the non-active ingredients in the sanitizer is one of the key ingredients in mescaline, some kind of isopropyl mystrate and something else and yeah that's why you put it in the freezer, the whole idea is that the alcohol doesn't freeze at freezer temps. but the other ingredients in it will and rise to the surface. It kinda makes sense so I'm trying to investigate on it.
  7. Is it a particular brand? I couldn't find any info on isopropyl mystrate that would suggest it was psychoactive, nor anything on it in any synthesis's of mescaline that I have found. do you have any sources?
  8. Real mescaline is extracted from peyote or san pedro and a few other related cacti.

    The method the OP is describing will not make a psychoactive drug. He either read bad info or someone was BSing him.

    Kids...please don't try making ghetto drug concoctions at home unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

  9. It is possible to make completely synthetic mescaline, although it is extremely difficult. I was just asking the original poster what else is in that particular hand sanitizer to see if there are any chemicals at all in it that is also in the synthesis of mescaline to see if there is any truth to it, or if it's complete BS. And then inform him of the difficulties in synthesizing mescaline, and the expertise it requires.
  10. Sure it is possible to synthesize just about anything, but the stories of synthetic mesc on the streets are largely urban legend. Most of the stuff people sell as mescaline is really LSD and they are just trying to market it.

    Erowid has a lot of good info on the substance if anyone wants to read more. I'll stick with my San Pedros :D
  11. ive been told that mescaline was used for horse adrenaline? were my friends wrong when they told m this?
  12. There are no approved veterenary or medical uses for mescaline and in all my years I've never heard of using it with animals for any reason. Horse 'adrenaline'??? Mescaline is nothing like adrenaline in pharmacology or molecular structure.

  13. Around here people think that cut PCP is mescaline.

    Im just like....
  14. #14 why18, Jan 18, 2009
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    PCP and mescaline are two very different chemicals. Mescaline is an phenethylamine class psychedelic. While PCP is a dissociative anesthetic, similar to ketamine, which IS used in veterinary medicine, although is is used as a anesthetic and not as "horse adrenaline."

    Edit: sorry i thought Alexyonfire! and cannabiskid were the same poster I guess I should have looked before I posted.

  15. Exactly. Most of the "homemade lsd/mescaline/whatever" info you read is total BS. Why would people pay top dollar for that stuff if its as simple as two household ingedients in a freezer. Let's think a lil bit next time :D

  16. haha, its ok.
    Im very knowledgeable in K :)
  17. yes. yes they were.
  18. lmao go buy some gold caps shrooms or some meth if you want a buzz weak ass kid
    and that is fucking STUPID your a loser if you tried that....

    i'd rather inhale gas or an ether rag LOL
  19. Don't diss the ether man :p haha just kidding I haven't tried it myself but I'm always open to it if I ever came across some pure ether and not that ignition fluid some guy "purified" in his garage. :rolleyes:
  20. I just read this whole thing and have to say you people are the reason why everything will be mandated soon. Why in the fuck do you need to get a hallucinogen from handsanitizer. Life goes on man, wait for money and get herb. Jesus christ kids you don't need to kill yourself in the pursuit of being fucked up. LOL
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