Homemade grow: needing some ideas

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rickityrecked, Aug 1, 2019.

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    After seeing the pictures first, any suggestions?

    Main issues are the slow slow growth it’s having, and some of the coloring kinda worrying me.

    Replanted it today in fresher/looser soil. It’s about a 2 month old plant. Started outside, then taken inside under the LED with 65 watts.

    I appreciate any help!!!

    Happy toking

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  2. Lots more light would be my first suggestion.
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  3. Do you see any noticeable color or growth issues?

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  4. Needs more light for sure,way small for two months.as for nute issues looks a little light green up top but could be a number of things, more info on your feeding schedule /soil etc?

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  5. IMG_1117.JPG IMG_1116.JPG 87088D22-DF4C-453E-8FEB-DB1C5A95BCF4-745-00000072E536E714.jpg IMG_1114.JPG

    Got my other light out of storage and replaced that already, as for the nutrients and soil those are what I use. I’ve never really kept a schedule, I normally wait until everything’s dried up, and the light schedule i use is 18-22 hours a day of light. Preciate the help

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  6. is it an auto? because a plant that size, shouldn't be in a pot that size in my opinion. you probably only need to water every 2 weeks and because it is more water than she can drink, she will be prone to root rot and mold and a number of other issues. and if it is an auto, she starts in her finish pot, but that pot would probably still be too big.

    her stalk is like a toothpick. it looks if there has never been even a slight breeze in her direction.

    if it were me, i would supercrop her low... like an inch off the dirt, and as soon as she starts to grow up again, supercrop back the other way. she is not strong enough to support a few pistils at her size. up the light, and try to get as much perlite as possibly mixed in with the soil. take dirt out and add perlite. you want the pot to be dry at least once a week.

    *better yet, supercrop her once and tie her tight to the top of the rim, and as she recoups and grows, keep her growing in a circle around the pot. when she reaches the end, flip to 12/12

    the point is, the stalk is too weak. so keep that low to the ground. and as the nodes produce upward bud growth, the breeze on them will help them grow strong enough to hold up the massive yield you may still get.

    all just my opinion. if you do this shit and she dies, i claim no responsibility. :cool:
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  7. Seriously appreciate it! That’s some detailed help, and I’ll definitely be putting it to use.

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  8. Also it’s not an auto grow, its just seeds I get from buds I smoke, although I will be getting better seeds in the future.

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