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Homemade grinding kits?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Glenn, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. anyone know how to make one thats remotely portable?

    Im just staring at my coke can and CD-R coasters trying to think of something heh
  2. Save Lil' cash, and buy one ! SuperJoint(site host) sells 'em here or at his other site easybongs.com ! They're small enough to be very portable, and reasonably priced. Good Luck!!! :D :smoking:
  3. i been thinkin about getting one too, but do they work with compresed comercial weed? cuz thats usually what i buy and that shit is is hella hard to break up. im afraid if i buy one its gonna break and i'll have wasted a good 15-20$.
  4. flat commercial bud is easy to break up with scissors, just dont chop any stems into your pile of broken bud.
  5. thanks man, i'll try that.... never even thought of scissors.sure would be alot cheaper than a grinder.
  6. i got myself a grinder. I love it, worth every penny. Grinds it up makes the bud nice and flaky. Makes your blunts\joint\bowels way smoother.

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