*homemade glass tea bottle bong* .:MUST SEE:.

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  1. i just recently made one. out of a glass arizona tea bottle.
    complete with a diffused downstem.

    i went to a convenient store and bought the glass arizona tea bottle. then went to my local headshop and bought the diffused downstem, also made of glass, and a rubber grommet. and then off to the hardware store for the drill bit. i used a 5/8 diamond bit. i went home attached it to the drill, marked where i was drilling with a sharpie, put the bottle in the sink and ran the water where the bit meets the glass. once i drilled through the glass, i rinsed the bottle out thoroughly and then inserted the grommet, then downstem, and then i used duct tape to make sure that it was air tight. it is.

    now here are some pictures. :bongin:

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  2. nice homemade

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSSH30fgSQg&feature=related]YouTube - Foreigner - Dirty White Boy[/ame]
  3. haha i got asked if that' where my name is from when it was my gamertag on 360. but it's not. i saw a sticker the said "dirty white boy" at spencer's at the mall.:cool:

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