homemade glass bong

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  1. constructed from a few glass beakers that we got (dont ask) and a old bowl and slide from another bong, hits like a champ and looks awesome, what do you think?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8M7fe2l0uE]YouTube - Homemade Glass Bong[/ame]

    noob smoker couldnt clear it haha, but you get the picture
  2. I think you are a budding mechanical engineer (if you're not one already). Very nice. I'd like to see it from the side.
  3. Id +rep u if i could, but im using my itouch. Very nice work. Oh yeah, im also into making my own glass shit, as you can see in my sig. (hope i didnt hijack ur thread)
  4. That is the best looking homemade piece I have ever seen:eek:
  5. hits like a champ, my body is currently taking on the effects of that statement
  6. Damn nice piece! I tried to rep you but I'm not sure what's going on because nothings happening when I click the scale..
  7. dude...thats..AWESOME, hahaha, damn, would be cool if i knew how 2 make that myself/had the materials/tools 2 build that +rep for sure:smoking:
  8. its starting to become a legend, everyone who sees it, has to hit it

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