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homemade glass bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I built this and got really high, it works great and is really cheap, i recommend building it, it doesnt take long

    • Glass coke bottle, or similar glass bottle ( i used an 8 oz. glass coke bottle bcuz i couldn't find a 12, and bcuz the curves make a perfect drill spot for an angled drill)
    • A .5 precision point foray pen, it has a stainless steel barrel, however a zebra is great too
    • a metal socket.
    • a drill
    • glass bits, i used carbide, i dont have diamond tipped, i wish i did
    • a dremel with diamond tips
    • electrical tape
    • hot glue gun
    • teflon tape
    The How To:

    1. Drink the coke (DUH?)
    2. clean bottle very well, it isnt really necessary to remove the labels, they really dont present an issue.
    3. fill with cool water, or cold
    4. set up your drilling station
    5. find the closest to exact size of metal tube as possible, because i only had two sizes to choose from i used the smaller of the two. Eye ball the measurments so you have an angle you like, i like an extremely steep angle that directly touches the bottom, so i put it on the peak of the last curve
    6. begin to drill the hole at an angle, the cool water helps so it wont shatter from heat, but it is helpful but not completely necessary to have a glass of cold water to dip the drill bit into every so often
    7. When you make it through the glass drain the water, check to see if the metal tube fits, mine did not if yours does not then this is where a dremel comes into play

    1. Take your dremel and slowly enlarge the hole until it is just a hair larger than the downstem, make sure to keep in a circular fomation.
    2. Wrap tube in one strip of electrical tape and steadily push into a snug fit.

    Preparing the bowl

    • find a socket that either fits snugly on the outer wall of the tube or inner wall ( i chose inner because of the ability to make it a slide water bong, however outer would give you more room for bigger bowls, but would also require a screen)
    • wrap the portion that connects to the tube in a layer or two of teflon tape, this will allow it to fit snugly but not stuck and will make an airtight seal.
    • Hot glue or teflon tape your metal tube in to the opening of the glass bottle and then step back and admire your work

    For those curious this worked very well for me but i will not be posting pics right now, im sorry but the credit goes to another post, "my guide to a functional glass bong" i basically did what he did, minus the airline tubing, if you need references i recommend you to look at his bong. im sorry i may post pictures up later, but not right now
  2. pics are always nice on stuff like this
  3. i'll probably post some later today

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