HomeMade Glass Bong**Not Junk**Pics/MilkVid inside

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    Hey grasscity,
    I havent posted anything up in awhile so i decided to share my homemade glass bong i made about 6 months ago and a small tutorial on how to do it

    First, I went to a HomeGoods store and got a 6 dollar vase with a friend. We then drove to a hardware store and asked the guy for a drillbit that could drill through glass without breaking it. He handed us a bit with an arrow shaped head. We also bought putty made for mending glass

    We got home, marked where we wanted to drill, and brought all of our shit outside. I layed the vase sideways and steadied it with my feet. I drilled slowly until i had a hole that the downstem could slide into. This part is tedious because you have to keep stopping and checking if the stem can go through.

    Once i finished I put rubbing alcohol in the bong and shook it to clean all the residue out. Once the downstem was in, we place putty around where it and the vase met to ensure an airtight seal. Once it and the alcohol dried, it was ready to go.

    Overall, im happy with the finished product mostly because it was something me and my friend made. The glass is sturdy and the whole thing was so cheap yet your not inhaling any harmful chemicals. Id advise anyone looking for a cheap homemade or fun project (we blazed out of my heady bub the whole way through) to try this out. Pics and Milk Vid coming soon

  2. cool! good job
  3. thanks man, took a little while but ripping the shiskaberry outta there after was rewarding :bongin:
  4. My first home made attempt ended up with flying glass going everywhere lol
    Milk vid?
  5. haha im trying to get the video off of my phone but apparently the files too big. im gonna try a different method in a sec
  6. nice man!
    i have seen a lot of glass bottles / vases that look like they would make perfect bongs but never figured out how to drill a hole without shattering the glass.
    you may have inspired me though.

    I knew a kid who sat and slowly twisted a nail into the side of a bottle to make a hole...it took him like 3 hours of sitting there and twisting the nail....
    He was / is a giant idiot though.
  7. hahaha oh man that sounds like a pain in the ass. But yea dude it was easy, the vase was cheap, the drillbit was cheap, and the putty was cheap. Theres an even better tutorial floating around the toking tools section somewhere
  8. People really need a tutorial to figure out how a drill functions?

    Come on people, grow some brain cells. Fuckin push the button, and make sure you have a garden hose spraying where the drillbit is drilling into glass. Or it will shatter.

  9. i didnt use any water, and theres an easier way to do it with a certain bit.
  10. thats pretty dope for a homemade one...i used to have some made from bottles but my fuckin house burnt down =[

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