Homemade Fogponic System for $30

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  1. Hey guys! So growing Hydroponically has been something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and as soon as I have my own place I intend to give it a try. I came across a Youtube video that shows you how to make your own Fogponics System (aeroponics with a fogger being used to provide nutrients to roots) for $30. The whole set up seems pretty legit and well working!

    If anyone wants to look at this video and let me know if I should go for it that would be great! But if you have any comments, tips for all things related to this (dont need to watch the video, i just want to know) thats cool also.

    Here it is....
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvJ2fGXusU]YouTube - Build a Aeroponic Fogger for your hydroponic system[/ame]
    This seems like a clever set up that is pretty easy to build. (not to mention for $30)
  2. very nice, i have two stink buddies already. this looks like an easy way to garden year-round. has anyone tried to grow asparagas in one? it seems like the fogger might be great on asp. i put some in my garden and it never matured. is it perhaps a second year crop? nice mater patch man!
  3. Asparagus takes lots of time to get established, but once it does, look out! We used to dig out chunks of wild asparagus roots to throw in the garden, but once you get a decent patch going, it spreads out and the roots become extremely dense. According to the U of M, asparagus transplants may take a year to establish themselves before becoming harvestable. I think you're still in the clear man;) It would be sick to see some hydro asparagus though! Build one of those little fogponics units, try growing some asparagus in it, and let us know how it all turns out!

  4. Why would you recommend I avoid foggers? What are the cons to Fogponics?
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    The biggest reason not to use fog is that there is little room for mechanical failure. If your foggers stop for any reason while your lights are on, your plants will be dead in a matter of hours...

  6. I didn't recommend you not use them.

    I said there are caveats.

    1. The OEM transformers are junk.

    2. Foggers transfer almost 15 watts of heat into the soup (chiller may be needed).

    They work great (I said I use them) as long as you are aware of what can go wrong and you take steps to make sure it doesn't or if it does, the impact is minimum.
  7. I plan on being able to check the plants everyday (even twice a day if needed). I was thinking it would be a good idea to buy 4 foggers. Im thinking to grow 6 plants on 1 fogger, and have 2 little grows going on (6 plants in each one), and 2 back ups.

    Should that be sufficient? How many plants could be grown off 1 ultrasonic fogger? And last question, any recommendations on foggers to use? (not including the really expensive nutrimist ones)
  8. so why do you do need this for

  9. did you even read any of the thread or listen to ANY of the video.
  10. do need for this? wtf does that even mean?

  11. That looks pretty sweet, but I wonder how much the fog really adds to his setup because he has drip lines too. You'd think that 4" post would just be packed with roots too, with a plant every foot or so... hmmm...

  12. The whole point of fogging is to get rid of drip lines IMO.

    The less GD maintenance (during the grow) the better.

    However, nothing is "set and forget" in hydro.

    You still end up monitoring the crap out of it.

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