homemade dab pen?

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  1. been thinking of an idea for a while now, since most cheaper wax pens are essentially just a coil of wire that gets warmed by a battery, could i potentially make one using a 9 volt or the like and some thin gauge wire and just kinda short it out and get the wire red hot after i put my wax on it of course;) id have to fiddle a bit with a decent way to come up with a mouth piece type deal but was just curious to see if anyones done something of the sort
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  2. You are going to blow up a battery.

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  3. You'll shoot her eye out kid....

    Dude just no. You WILL fuck yourself up. Just buy a cheap atomizer or green screen it.
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  4. That's a really bad idea dude, just get a small mod or ego pen and get a rda and build your own coils, works pretty decent and can be great with the right setup.i wouldn't recommend the 9volt and wire idea.....but if you do try it please record it

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  5. LOL!!:lmafoe:

  6. I see you vision momma! Bay Bay BAY BAY! I have faith in you, I know you can make it, good luck and post some pics of it as you make if you can! I would to see the process :D
  7. Isn't this how Magic Flight stays in business? Jk. Love Magic Flight and have about $300 into their products lol.

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  8. For my first couple years using dabs(when they were harder to find, and I had yet to invest in rigs and torches and nails,) I used a low power ecig mod. Your ideal voltage is only around 3.5 volts, and most mods meant for ecigs are way too powerful, but I got lucky with this one. It's sturdy as hell and still works to this day(though it's no longer my preferred way of ingesting oil.) I used that with an ego adapter, $3 coils(this was in the days when a silicone wick was the only option. The quartz, ti, and ceramic ones hadn't come out yet,) and a locally made water attachment that cooled it a little and allowed for bigger hits. Still really cheap to come up with a rig like this.

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