homemade co2 reactor

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by davidorr, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. hello to my fellow tokers.i have a plant that i would like to increase the yield off and i am fully aware that co2 is a good way to achieve this.but as you will no co2 does not come cheap so i need to make my own out of yeast ,sugar and water .what would you suggest is the best way to carry this out.in terms off the setup that is.
    regards preech
  2. if for 1 plant, u need a gallon jug (pref clear w/ cap), 1000 grams of sugar, 10 cups of pretty warm water, & 2 packets of yeast (2tsp), & a air hose (fish tank hose). take water & sugar & mix until sugar is dissolved, make sure water isnt to warm (to hot will kill yeast), add the yeast, put cap on jug, shake, drill hole in cap to fit air hose, put hose in cap, and poke holes in hose (plug the other end) & wrap the hose around the top of plant (co2 is heavyer than air). if you see the water bubbleing its working, this should last 2-3wks. use more for more co2, get 2-3 of them going.
  3. if you have a fan with plenty of air movement in a closed (unventilated room) then it won't matter where you set the hose as the fan will be circulating all of the air including the co2. If this is the case, I use a balloon and poke a few holes in the end with a straight pin and then stretch it over the top of the jug. The co2 will blow up the balloon a little and will escape out of the pin holes. When the yeast/sugar is used up and is no longer making co2, the balloon will fall over letting you know it is time to add more sugar.

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