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Homemade Clay Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheif Keeler, May 19, 2010.

  1. Aight GC, i went out and bought my self a 20 pound block of clay.I was trying to decide what to make and decided to make a bong.However, I have no kiln. Would it be unhealthy to use a semi-raw clay bong?I wouldn't think so but i'm just asking around for some reassurances.
  2. Yeah apples are good for shmokin. But alas, they rot/get eaten.
  3. i know nothing about clay other than when i made bs back in 2grade art class. could you just put it in a regular oven for a good while?
  4. You can cook the clay in an oven.
    I'd say just pop that sucker in at max temp for like 6-12 hours.
    I think an average kiln runs at like 700, and an average oven will go to like 550.

    I'd say its safe as long as you don't glaze it or anything like that.
  5. Should check the packaging on your clay, if it doesn't say anything look up the brand and what not on google and see if you can bake it in the over.

    Like a few others have mentioned, all the clay I have ever bought could be put into the oven.

    But really, if you can spend 20 bucks on the clay just go get a nice little spoon. Hell theres even bongs out there that are 20 bucks.
  6. Alright, i'll give it a go.By the way, I DO have a pipe. Two actually. I just prefer my own smoking devices for some reason. Ill post it later on and see what you guys think.
  7. Kilns run much hotter than that, not even close.

    @ OP, I would never smoke out of anything that wasn't fired in a kiln.
  8. lol i thought you actually went and threw a bong on a wheel and glazed it and everything, expecting pics. i was mildly disappointed. you wasted money on that clay, unless you have access to a kiln, some glaze, and some knowledge on working with clay, along with some tools (very useful but not necessary).
  9. Sorry to dissapoint, Lyndon. I do have tools and knowledge, I have somewhat of a hobby making small sculpture. Im not really a fan of pot throwing, it is easy and takes little time to produce a fuckload so i dont waste my time on that. rather, i build from hand forming. I dont glaze often either, it never works out how i want it to so i just use acryllic paints.I also realized that if didnt fire the bong before using it, it would just turn to mush. I guess i'll be buying a kiln in the near future. And when i do so, ill make some cool stuff. I guess just dont respond to this anymore so that it will sink to the bottom of the GC oblivion and I wont disappoint any more peeps.Take care
  10. im all for you supporting clay as a hobby, i wanted to buy a wheel and kiln and all that stuff but never had the money. seriously get good at glazing, it will give a MUCH better finish when done right than any paint.
  11. Well, I am a potter and unless that is oven hardening clay (and I'm not too sure about it) It needs to be fired over 2,000 degrees. My kiln is round about the size of a heavy duty washing machine and it costed $2500.00. My glaze test kiln is gonna run me $1000.00. and it's dinky. It's a very rewarding, but hard thing to learn. So, think about it, before you jump into it.

    You should learn about pit-firing (which wouldn't work for your bong because the temp doesn't go high enough) but it is a starting place. Or raku firing, which is more rewarding. Pit firing you don't need a kiln, but a lot of your pieces break. Raku is way cool and you can use a small kiln, but you still can't eat off of it or use it as a bong. Look them up at the library. There is a lot to learn.

    For bongs you need a well made glaze, which is hard to come by. Sometimes you get lucky and find a glaze that fits your clay in a ready made bottle of glaze, but that isn't always the case. You could likely get crackle which might look nice on a vase, but would be horrible for a bong. The bong water and resin would get into the crevices in the glaze and be nearly impossible to clean out. Then it would stink and harbor germs.

    I am in the process of fitting my glazes to my chosen clay and it is a bitch!!! There is a lot of chemistry involved which I do not know, and I have to know my glaze chemicals which I am just starting, but I think it is better to work from scratch. We shall see.

    Good luck on your journey,


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