Homemade Chemistry Hooka :)

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  1. Took it from school, how else would i get one. Didnt want to risk shattering it, so we just cut down a skinny tree and made a small plug, like a cork. Then drilled a hole for the bowl, and four smaller holes for the hoses, 2 long 2 short. Put a slider stem with a rigged pen extension onto the bottom of the tree, good old slider carb. The wood dried up and shrank the next day so i had to use the classic playdoh clog trick to hold it in place and keep it airtight. Works like a champ, super easy, and no money spent. :)

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    Can You help me men, i want a make similar design, but i don't know the exactly name of the BOWL Chemistry piece can you say me the name Plz, the water pipe is a ERLENMEYER Righ?

    good vibes.:wave:
  3. That's cool but wtf is that pepsi?

    H2O man, learn something in chemistry.
  4. Dude how did you know? Thats nuts. Laziness didn't feel like going to get water. xD

  5. I'm in your head.

    But seriously, just a guess, I drink a lot of soda.

    Don't hit that with pepsi in it, it will filter out THC.
  6. Yeah. Just an Erylenmeyer flask. Mine was Kimax 26500 with i think a narrow top. So cheap on ebay.
  7. Damn didnt know that. Lol. I have water in it now. It was just for the picture.

  8. It's all good man.

    Just lookin' out for fellow smokers.
  9. Hey, good morning, :wave:
    thanks for your quick answer, :D
    My question is .. What is the piece of i can use for the BOWL?, i have the ERLENMEYER 250 ml, but i need a BOWL, plz help only need a bowl and Fireeee hehe :D

    Wonderfull job, bye,
  10. Ohh i just got the bowl from a smoke shop. You can use anything though.
  11. What chemistry taught you that Pepsi can solvate THC?

    Only problem I have is that it leaves your glassware a little sticky.

    Don't ever drill the glass.

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