Homemade CFL Light Reflector

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AAckley1, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Started with some 3/4" PVC tubing as a base. Made a frame and attached the sockets and wired them into two different switches. One for all power and one for just one socket, which will be my UV-B bulb. Attached mylar to a project display board (The ones you had to use for science fair back in school). Attached to the base with reflective tape, sealing all light leaks I could see. I got 1/2" plexiglass on the way to place on the bottom, as well as 4" duct tubing and two small 4" inline fans. Should be able to place the plexiglass right on the plants. Now, onto the pictures (sorry about the quality, they were taken with a cell phone):

    Its about 3' by 1' 3'.

    Center cluster of 4 lights.


    a Light on each end as well

    The Power Switch

    UV Switch

    Testing with some incandescants

    Any thoughts, help, ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. that is nice for a home made beats payin 45 pound what i was gunna pay i made a reflector to
  3. I wish I had made one...sigh..

    Looks very nice and that main power switch could be very handy as well :D

    Nice little camera in that cell phone too :cool:
  4. what kind of bulbs are you using and wattage?
  5. got 5 105 watt CFL 6500k bulbs on the way <7000 lumens a piece>
    a ReptiSun 10.0 CFL <10% UV-B>
    Also, have 2 46" T-12 HO 60 watt 6500k (got the ballast and reflector, got no tubes) <4,000 lumens>
    and 2 48" 40 watt T-12 6500k (got the tubes and reflector, no ballast) <3,300 lumens a piece>

    Should be about 50,000 lumens on about 700 watts. Who said you can get lumen output with fluoros?
  6. Man, thats some illumination !!

    Sounds like you've become a real CFL fan. :cool:

    I'm still not entirely convinced about CFL's during flowering tho...

    Have you piccies of any buds that have ripened under CFL's only ??

    God, I'd love to believe that the entire cycle can be done with these lights.

    Who knows..perhaps our ML's and HPS's may become a thing of the past.

    I for one would be pleased and astounded if they did...

    But one never knows...I am yet to be fully converted..

    Great setup and interesting post there, AAckley1

    Thanks, keep it up with more photo's please..:)
  7. That's going to pump a lot of heat yo!

    lol But on a real note, UVB lights and its effectiveness in THC production has be proven to increase. But for veg?... Im guessing you're using this set up as well for flowering? I mean, good home made none the less. Let us know when you have all ur bulbs and do a test run....

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