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Homemade Carved Wood pipe

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Fraks, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all! :wave: New guy here and I just wanted to show off my new wooden pipe.
    Just finished it today and figured I'd start off my account by sharing my new piece. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Happy toking! :smoke:
  2. Looks good man. I wish I could find some wood to make some bowls :(
  3. I got a block of basswood from the Michaels near me for around $5. I think it was 10" long or so. A block makes it much easier to drill the holes too! :D
  4. I might just do that.
  5. Explain the bowl.
  6. I just drilled the hole at an angle, used my x-acto knives to carve out a little extra room because it was a little small, and sanded it all down. Did the normal thing with honey and water to treat the bowl and just popped a screen in there.

    It works pretty well. The first couple hits off it were a little harsh and woody but my newbie buddy was even fine the second sesh so I guess it's not terrible.
  7. Can you post a picture of inside the bowl without the screen in?
  8. Yeah, I'll post a few more pictures later on when I get home.
  9. man, I love wood bowls, but the only thing I hate is cleaning it..
  10. Here are some more pictures, tried to get some different angles in there. Also, most are without the screen. Ask me any other questions you have. :smoke:



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  12. Blank message? Or can I just not see it?
  13. I really like it! Nice job man
  14. It's a picture. And why isn't there a carb? But it looks good
  15. Thanks everyone :smoke: And about the carb, might add one eventually, but it works pretty good without one.

  16. Carb holes are really for pieces with larger volumes, like glass pipes that have open interiors.

    This is probably just a small drilled hole leading to the bowl... It would be like having a carb on a chillum. Most small, non glass pipes I have seen don't have carbs.
  17. Pretty good loooking. Homemade pieces are fun to make.
  18. image-1262151979.jpg

    I also make pipes :) and sometimes I smoke out of this!!
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    [quote name='"bakedasacookie"']

    I also make pipes :) and sometimes I smoke out of this!![/quote]

    Da fuck?

    EDIT: are you a troll? Please don't smoke out of that
  20. Glass is class imo

    Looks sick though, I had a bubbler with a wooden mouth piece once, the wood taste goes away once it's used a bit.

    Nice work!

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