Homemade Bullet Chillum

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  1. First post :D

    Here's a chillum I made with a couple of spent bullet casings I had laying around. I used an SL 43 bullet casing from WW2 and an SI 82 bullet casing that I found in the woods.

    (Excuse my dirty hands, I was just sanding it and testing it before I took these pictures)
    108_0312.JPG 108_0314.JPG 108_0316.JPG
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  2. That's actually pretty dope imo I have a few bullet casings so I may just have to try that haha
  3. Cool, Just make sure to sand the inside. Last night I was working on cleaning up the bullets and decided to just try smoking out of the SL 43 and ended up igniting some of the leftover gunpowder trapped in the chamber. Bowl started crackling and sparking
  4. Damn that sounds terrifying haha but thanks for the info!
  5. that SL 43 means st lewis arsenal and the year 1943. it looks like a .30-06 ...im not sure what the SI is though.

    looks tight though
  6. Yup I've done research on the bullets, I'm not sure what the SI stands for either, though I think it's for a standard hunting rifle. I don't know much about guns to be honest.
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