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homemade bubbler!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jkriv21, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. #1 jkriv21, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009
  2. really dude.... like seriously?
  3. Hahahahaha. That looks like something a crackhead would use
  4. Hey man McGivering pieces is a skill. Is it pretty? No, but it sure as hell beats shelling out 35+ bux for a bubbler. Way to rig yourself up a smoking device OP.

  5. yo now lets chill that talk out
    for being too scared to hide a piece or a bong in my room, this thing is sweet as fuckkk
    just blazed up some hash in it soo great
  6. thanks lobsters
    when you're really desparate and dont want the neverending smell of a joint, you come up with some awesome shit in about 5 minutes
  7. Good shit bro. Reminds me of my homemade bong. :hello:
  8. dude... just... dude... wth...
  9. Cool man!

    Did you really need so much glue?

    I would also recommend a cooler heat source like a glo-rod or soldering iron so you don't release impurities from your contruction materials.

    Good job, way to think.
  10. well at first iwas just gonna use it around the caps of the bottles but then i decided to make it air tight
    and so i would stick it in the tub to test it and there was still bubbles coming out so i just covered the whole damn thing with mfn glue
  11. That has cancer written all over it.

    No offense or anything of course, just looking out for ya. When that bowl heats up the glue, you'll probably inhale some pretty bad fumes. Also your mouth-piece is a plastic pen it looks like, which will also give off fumes if the smoke that goes through it is hot enough
  12. is that fuckin plastic tubing!? that shit's horrible for ur lungs. I made a shitty bong wit a plastic tube attached to a metal bowl, n the plastic burnt over time.
  13. Whatever gets it done.
  14. I know every stoner has a right to smoke however and out of whatever but dude, how close that bowl is to that glue or tape and straw is scary, make a a mini, much less sketchy
  15. Hahahah Id hit that shit. :D

    It does look like its used to smoke something ....other than ween..
  16. Ohh shit...thats a pen for the mouthpiece and downstem!?

    Dude that will melt... I retract my previous statement.

    U need to make that shit melt proof man,.
  17. if someone tried to pack that for me to smoke, id laugh...pull out my wallet where i keep a pack of papers and just roll a jay
  18. Sick man I make one with a pickle jar before worked good, when you get a chance though pick up a downstream, bowl, grommet set for homemade. Makes it easier and it better for you. But I've still smoked my fair share of homemade bubblers
  19. hey do you guys remember those DR grip PENS?

    anyways that pen is THE single simplest most easiest pen 2 turn into a pipe.

    u just unscrew metal tip take the rubber grip off flip the tip over and stick it into the rubber grip lol...

    anyways i remember when i was younger and was too scared to keep a peice cus i was worried about losing it and losing the money i payed for it.

    that bubbler u got is hillarious good job id hit it.

    but go out and get ur self a gandolf pipe... ull never regret it man i have recently got into glass gandolfs and i have been smoking for 12 years they are by far the smoothest hitting style "non water filtered" pipes u can get.

    I dont like water or bubblers or bongs for some reason the smoke just doesnt taste right i mean dont get me wrong ive owned like 10 bongs a 6 footer some jbds heavy PHX and i own a crazy 3 foot biohazard right now that is so wide it has a lip at the top 2 make it slighly smaller 2 fit ur mouth. I just dont like the water anymore... i find i get higher from less weed more enjoyably "less coughing" and better taste always from the non water gandolf pipe.
  20. dude at least go buy yourself a fucking glass downstem and bowl, I mean fuck dude thats just common sense

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