homemade bubbler [pics]

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  1. hey so posted this in the wrong section before, i realized
    well its really awesome, draws like a champ. made from:
    a socket pushed into a waterbottle cap that was glued to the lid of a jar
    another cap glued to the lid with a hole for the bent pen tube
    everything is sealed with hot glue

    there is no funky taste or anything from the glue or pen tubes; when yo ufill it with ice water, it's so silky smooth


  2. omg calm down with the glue and lighter lol
  3. yeah, what do you have a lifetime supply of glue or something?
  4. Thats a sh.tload of glue lol, but nice man.
  5. ahahaha that thing made me laugh
    there's so much glue!!!
  6. whats with all the glue mayn?
  7. not sure.. maybe its the angle but i didnt use all that much... maybe a stick from my mini-glue-gun?
    the water bottle caps were like a light clear white or whatever so maybe they blend in and it makes it look like thers more glue
  8. That pen looks tasty. lol if it works, it's good.
  9. That looks like a pain to ash out.
  10. haha nahh just replace the pen tubes; take out the screen and use a qtip
  11. nice bubbler mang...and I see now what your talking about with the glue and top..lol...

    and ++ rep for your signature...LUPE= G.O.A.T...

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