homemade bubbler and random pics

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  1. so i decided to scrape my pipe and im kinda lit. i know, im desperate :rolleyes:

    anyway, i made a bubbler out of some plastic jar i have and an aluminum bowl i made.

    I think its got a name ;)
    the family :smoking:

    i forgot about my mini steamroller i made in my shop class.
    i threaded the bowl too :D

    my 420 box/pipe

    and in case your desperate, it seals and...
    it actually hits too :smoking:
  2. I would have went with something other than the sharpie but otherwise pretty good.
  3. haha that's pretty cool man. you seem to be really into this kind of stuff.


    keep it cool.
  4. the stash box you can smoke out of is the craftiest thing ever i love it.
  5. Pretty creative...I would have never came up with any of that. :hello:
  6. that first pipe totally looks like a urine test jar :p

    that'd be enough to put me off hhahahhaa
  7. im actually replacing the pen parts with clear tubing. i think the bub jar came fro some kind of poperie (sp?)

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