Homemade Bubbleponic/ first grow

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  1. This is my very first grow and I spent a lot of time on forums and various websites trying to find a good method to maximize the small space that i have to grow. I got a 35 gallon rubbermaid container and am using it for a bubbleponic system with 4 plants. I got some feminized white widow seeds online and they are currently germinating. If any one has a homemade BP, i am always open for advice. One of my pressing concerns is how should i sterilize the tub and components before planting the seeds? I will keep this journal going throughout the entire grow. oh and i got a free feminized roadrunner seed that i know nothing about and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this strain.
  2. Okay all four seeds are germinated and have been placed in super starter plugs. I put the plugs into 3.5 inch net pots surrounded by hydroton. The pots are secured in the lid of the 35 gallon tub and i was wondering if i should start the pump and drips or wait and water by hand as needed. Advice?
  3. hand water for a couple days till they get up an out, don't soak them. I'm not familiar with drip systems , if it were a bubble bucket with no drip I would say kick it on now. I think a constant drop would be too much for a seedling not yet out of the casing.
  4. I'll try to get pictures of the setup online asap, but in the meantime i have some more questions for you guys. My babies have shed their shells and started taking root. They range any where from 1-2 inches. I have four 48" T12 lights that are hanging over them. At such an early stage, how high should the lights be? Also, when should i start adding nutrients to the mix? and a final question of "What should the distance between the bottom of the pots and height of the res water be?"
  5. The plants are all about 3'' tall now. Still no pictures but they are looking good. I was trying to decide on better lighting and i think i'm going to go with a 250W MH system to veg and then down the road getting a 600W HPS to flower. Do 250W MH lights create enough heat that i should plan on venting or would a box fan work well enough till i get my 600? Thanks

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