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  1. i like making water bottle bongs since i can't get a real piece but i'm not cool with tin foil bowls. my dads garage is full of any hardware part u can think of so any suggestions on what a good bowl piece could be made of?

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  2. there aint to many bowl substitutes pipes are cheap just get one
  3. Lamp parts make good pipes. Usually made out of steel or brass. All threaded up for easy assembly. Just clean them with some iso or other solvent that won't leave residue to remove any machine oils before you use them.
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  4. There's a couple of pretty easy ones.
    The very easiest one to make, is to use a chunk of carrot. You hollow out a bowl in the top, largest section of course, then you let this carrot trail out below that, as far as you think you can carve, -you know, kinda bore yourself, a hole.

    Down in the other end of this you simply - having already bored it out -
    That stem, is just a standard drinking straw. You cut the thing off ya know at like three inches, and obviously, you've got this bottle sorta carved or melted out, - preferably melted, cause melting often makes a reinforced ridge of plastic around the hole -
    anyway you cut this thing off three inches, and in the top, almost an inch deep, you carve out a little bowl.

    Then, at the other end, when you have used a wire, or whatever ya got - a long drywall screw is good because you can just spin it and pull back, etc - knocking the chips of carrot off onto a table-top/towel whatever -
    and in that bottom end Britney, you kinda carve out, bore out, a hole there, that's bit enough that it'll take a good-size drinking straw.

    There is another version of these where you use the carrot, but use a piece of metal tubing you salvage from somewhere, for the down tube.

    A lot of times you'll see people using the tubes from ink pens to get this carrot based bong tube going.

    The obvious safety concerns prevail. If you're tasting plastic your carrot-to-stem distance is too short.

    Usually this shouldn't be a problem since to drill that thing out all you really have to have is a large screw, that you can use from both ends, or just a narrow blade screwdriver if you're desperate.

    What ya ought to do is get one of the drill bits, oK? Just a LITTLE smaller of course, than the stem if you plan to use one.

    It's really better if you find like a four inch drill bit. This can be inserted into one end, then drill from the other, and you can have a four, five, six inch stick of carrot, and have it immersed into the water and you won't need any kind of stem on some short jars and stuff.

    It's obviously according to what kinds of jugs, jars, and old bottles you have, for these, how you'll combine your parts to make one you like, and can replicate fast and easy, when it gets time to change it.


  5. Sockets from socket wrenches work fairly good!

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  6. I once made a pipe out of copper and brass, it worked pretty well.
  7. if u cant find anything or cant buy a piece then go to a dodgy conveinece store and they usually sell papers to minors

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