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Homemade bowl

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skanga, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. I want to make a good small portable homemade bowl,

    -no alumnim foil or cans
    -only plastic if absulty needed.

    I cant drill glass either
  2. Just buy a glass one-hitter. I got one for 10 bucks and it's super portable and will last you forever
  3. ^until the day it falls onto your tile floor and you cry. I've since got a metal OH
  4. I used to have a metal one hitter but it would get dirty so fast and tasted like shit. And the glass one I have now barely ever gets dirty and it's easy to clean

  5. Can you drill wood? That would be an interesting project, easy to do with a dremel.
  6. it seems like ur to picky... but use an apple tastes good. Can only use once tho
  7. Do you know how to blow glass?
  8. [quote name='"MistahWonderful"']Do you know how to blow glass?[/quote]

    You just put your lips together
    And you come real close
    Blow my....

  9. 2/10 :bongin:
  10. Go to Walgreens or any pharmacy. Buy some cheap glass eyedroppers, rip off the plunger and use it as a one hitter
  11. Its not that im picky but ive tried all those things excpet alumnim foil, and i've been through every homemade bowl forum and wanted to see if anyone has any good fresh ideas
  12. Socket + Water Bottle = Homemade pipe. People give them a bad rep because of the plastic, but as long as you're not igniting the plastic they are safe. Before I had the money to buy one that's what I would use, a lot more efficient than an aluminum can.

    You could also use a socket + pen body to make a more portable, chillum like pipe.
  13. you could cut, bend and fold aluminum from an aluminum can into an aluminum bowl...but you gotta be pretty damn skilled to do that. Just buy a cheap glass pipe or a cheap metal one.

  14. Someone didn't read the op's post at all
  15. I am at work and needed a pipe for my break. Good thing I work in a kitchen.
    Grabbed a raw potato cut it in half, carved a deep bowl and stuck a small salt shaker lid in there to be my bowl/screen. And stuck a bic disposable pen body in the side for the mouthpiece. And the count down started. 4....2....0...!

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