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  1. So me and two of my buddies were extremely baked last Saturday :smoking: and were thinking of what we could do to keep our high going. During this time, i went down to my kitchen to look for my typical munchies and saw this acrylic margarita bottle and my creative juices just started flowing. Long story short, after about an hour of drilling, melting, sanding, and smoking again, we came up with this creation. It hits like a dream with tons of milk, i will post a vid later. Hope you like it... oh and lets see some more of your homemade pieces!!

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  2. Looks good, where da vid @?
  3. I need to get a new bowl for it today and hopefully will have a vid by tonight.
  4. nice homemade.... better than ALOT of others that ive seen

  5. heres a homemade i made the other day. pretty simple. i used a gatorade bottle as the first chamber and a thin green tea bottle as the ice catching chamber. i poked 5 holes into the green tea bottle and electric taped the hell out of the two. the only problem is idk where to put a carb because my stem is made out of plastic and i have to tape it in to make it air tight.




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    How did you get that whole in there? on your glass bong?
  7. It's plastic so i just used a drill.
  8. Oh it looks glass.
  9. nice man!
  10. This is my favorite!

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