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Homemade Bongs/Pipes (:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, May 9, 2011.

  1. #1 0huefe, May 9, 2011
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    Wat up everyone, I'm quite the creative fellow, and my college schedule isn't as busy this semester; so, I've had rather much free time on my hands, other than football practices. But anyways, I'm pretty boss and making homemades, so check 'em out.


    ...As you can see, in the pictures below, i have created a single perc-triple chamber, with ice catcher, and diffuser; with smartwater bottles. Fairly simple. Also adding, I have another smartwater concoction, a quad-chamber, double-percolated bong, with ice catcher, and ash catcher, along with a diffuser(for thicker smoke). Tell me what you think.

  2. a little milk shot, its less milky, for i was clearing it. Hits like a champp..swaggg.

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  3. Very very nice and Milk shot pleasee
  4. dont get me wrong those are very impressive and are sick but im just sayin in the time it must have took to make those dont you think you could have worked enought to make the money to buy some real glass
  5. $1300 laptop and DIY piece :) looks good though, I'd hit it.
  6. though that is incredibly awesome, your best bet is to go for quality and NEVER use platic in your pipe period, i learned the hard way, and the hard way was realizing one day i forgot to load my weed up and that i had just taken massive rips of plastic fumes, and that id been doing this whenever i used the pipe.
  7. dont get me wrong those are very impressive and are sick but im just sayin in the time it must have took to make those dont you think you could have worked enough to make the money to buy some real glass
  8. I don't have much herb on mee, so I used what i had, andd I'm quite stoned right now(low tolerance), so before I took the shot, I started to clear it.
  9. I like how the threads about homemade pieces, but for some reason theres a completely unrelated poll.
  10. Well, I rarely smoke. And I have a 3.8 G.P.A at a CAL STATE school. I'm receiving my EMT next semester; becoming a firefighter. I do tutor for work, but I'm saving up for my payments on my BMW. And my grandmother gave me 200,00 when she passed. I could by the best bong ever.
  11. I've always been curious about Juicy Jay's.:)
  12. Most Juicy Jays taste like nothing, the flavor is only really apparent when you lick the paper to stick it. But, there are a few that are just amazing. Cotton Candy, especially, is just delicious, and you can taste it throughout your smoke.
  13. well, yeah actually it's an old MacBook Pro, 2009 aluminum, extra RAM and Gigs, $1,600 computer (; Along to go with my Xbox 360, PS3, iPad 2, iPhone 4. (;
  14. Dude you are either super blitzed or don't know how to post on a forum... I'm thinking it's the former...
  15. Milkkkk shotttttt
  16. I don't have any trees broo. And I'm on a smoking break now, be back in about 3 weeks!

  17. What do you mean..."DIY Piece"? ahaa.
  18. I appreciate some creativity but, thats pretty stupid if your only piece is home-made

  19. Once again, I smoke about once every month...And i do have a glass spoon my friend. 3-inch, color changing glass.
    So...fuck off:)

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