Homemade bongs/pipes

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  1. Hey, i just need to know, how the hell do i make a homemade bong or pipe??

    I got no money to blow on glassware or a pipe, so any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated
  2. first get yourself a sterdy plastic bottle any size will do,then get a disposible pen and stick it in at an angle so the tip just touches the bottom of the bottle,then take the insides out of the pen,get a socket out of a socket set(or a metal bottle cap)place it on the widest end of the pen casing securing with bluetack,then put the pen tube and socket back into the bottle through the hole already made,then make it air tight using bluetack,poke another hole slightly higher up on the other side as your shotgun hole,put a gauze in the socket fill with water and smoke away!!!! if further explanation is needed let me know only happy to assist in stoning the planet
  3. lol. good ol Ghetto Bongs. think i used to make those most of the time. but not anymore cuz i got my pipe!

    but yeah, like the dude said. its easy. just use your head.
  4. I'd imagine it's kind of hard to just use your head when your not a stoner.

    Just take a toilet paper tube cut out a square put some foil over the hole poke it in a little ways tape down the outside and poke some holes in it. Then when your ready to smoke hold your hand over one end and there you have it.

    P.s. don't use this too much though becaues foil isn't that great for you ;)
  5. umm...oh youre the rookie. lol that's right.

    umm yeah. dont ever use foil if you can help it. thats horrible. and you will be horrible for doing so.

    you know those pens with the metal caps that unscrew? well flip that upside down in the pen. make a whole big enough fo rthe pen but keeping it airtight. (in a waterbottle that is) poke the pen through. and wellah! add a carb and some water. then pack abowl and see how it works out.
  6. use common sense, for example, the part that the fire touches or gets close to needs to be made of metal or something that doesn't burn (glass, wood, but nothing plastic) That's why the apple thing is a good idea. It's disposable, it works, and you don't have to worry about weird fumes you'd get form plastic or aluminum foil. plus if you get caught with it you can conceal the parts with holes in it and eat it. Don't take any chances though. it really would be best just to ask someone you know personally and have 'em help you make something. Most stoners have at least limited experience when it comes to improvising. Good luck :)
  7. ooo the apple! what a brilliant idea.

    i made an apple the other day. smoked a bowl from it. got lit up. then ate the apple.

    didnt taste bad ata ll.
  8. an apple? how the hell do i do that?
  9. easy my rookie-friend.

    just get a pencil and stab the apple at the core on the top and drive the pencil about halfway down. this is ur bowl.
    then pick a spot on the side of the apple, drive the pencil all the way through, making sure that the pencil goes through the center, where you made ur bowl. you can either make the pencil go all the way through both sides or just one.

    but both sides gives you a carb...so yeah. its easy dude. look at a pipe. see how it works. then look at shit and bam! you too can make it.
  10. I'm hella stoned and lazy so im just gonna paste what i already said, heh
    Just use an apple you should get high and will love it (assuming you do it right, try and hold in your hits for 3-7 seconds) you don't need a screen for the apple idea just do this
    If your weed is in nugs, don't break it up
    Take an apple, preferably small so that the top of the apple's hole is small so the weed won't go through incase the nugs are small.
    Pull out the stem, take a pen sharp inc end first and pierce it through the top of the apple, go about halfway through and stop and move it up and down ot loosen it out.
    Then a little bit down on the side of the apple take the pen and poke it through to intersect with the top whole, look through the top and see that the pen is all the way through, loosen it up moving it in and out then suck and make sure it works and whatnot no screen is necessary cuz the inside kinda screens out most of it already heh i do this at work and get blazed all the time :)
  11. You can make a pipe from an old soda can if you have one of those around. I wouldn't recomemd making a habit out of this because it is most likely not good for you but, a few times won't kill you so here goes. Get a empty soda can and flatten a small area on the can at the end furthest away from the part you drink out of. Then use something sharp to poke holes in the flattened area. This will make a nice place to put your herbs. If you do it right you should wind up sucking smoke out of the part you normally drink out of and lighting the herb on the holes you poked in the can. This makes for a reasonsonable piece to smoke out of in a pinch. Let me know if this explanation lacks anything.
  12. best nigga rigged peice ever but I dont really use it since I got some real peices.

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  13. top view

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  14. inside

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  15. another good thing to do is get a socket from a socket wrench and put that through a cap from a 2 liter bottle or any bottle like that theyre all the same, and put a little screen in there if you want. then you have a bowl that you can put on any bottle.
    here's a real good one. we call it a binger where im from.
    its the easiest thing ever. get a big 2 litler or 3 liter or whatever size that big one is works best. then poke a pretty small hole at the bottom. plug that up and fill it with water. screw the bowl on to the top. light it up and let go of the hole at the same time. as the water goes down it sucks smoke down into itonce all the waters gone, you have yourself a big ole bottle full of goodness.
    two or three hits on one a these thing an youre flying
    Warning ( I know from expeirience)
    very hard to conceal
  16. try this;

    1. take a Yard Glass, fat at tha top and bottom, skinny in tha middle, like this one:

    2. Cut it in half.

    3. Make stem out of Bic pen. With socket attached to top. (Hot Glue Works the best)

    4. Drill Hole fro stem/ bowlpiece

    5. End up With this:

    6. Enjoy!
  17. check youtube man, i think theres a couple videos on how to make some pieces.
  18. Hearing about homemade bongs always brings me back when my two best friends and I ate shrooms for the first time when we were 16. We had snuck out of my friends house to smoke. During smoking, the sky turned pink and after smoking what seemed to be like 4 bowls, we appeared from the woods, and proceeded to walk down the street with my friend holding our homemade bong in his hand instead of actually hiding it.

    Anyways, as we crawled back in the window, well tried climbing back in the window as it took a few attempts considering how completely fucked up we were. As I climbed in the window, I guess I must have kicked the bong but that's not what I heard. Once I got inside I turned around to my friend with the most serious of tones and asked: "you love my mom?" Of course this wasn't what he said but I swear by it. The night progressed as planned and to this day, we have an audio recording of it. Well not that particular part but everything from me talking to the radio and hitting it since it wasn't talking back to my friend putting a bug in my mouth and me chewing it. Good times
  19. Take an inhaler. Take out the little cannister out. Put foil over the mouth part. Hold it there with a rubber band. Poke holes in the foil.
  20. using any plastic pen is not a good idea.. Most plastic pens have a chem coating on them that gas off when heated up. So not only are you smoking plastic but toxic gases..If you have an old set of rabbit ears for a tv or any kind of slide out antenna you can pop them apart and use them for stems. You can get a screen from inside your faucet by unscrewing it where the water comes out " heat it till it's red before you use it to burn any unwanted stuff off" If you have a ceiling fan with the wooden pull knobs on the end of the chain those make good bowls. Sockets as mentioned work. Avoid copper. Go out into the woods pick up a stick and widdle you a bowl." Easier if you have a drill and some bits. Bamboo is good to use. Any glass test tubes. Reverse crack pipe it, instead of blowing a bubble into it, suck on it " no pun intended " and make a inward bubble. The classic coke can, also not good for you but desperation is desperation. Or just go buy some damn papers..

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