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Homemade Bongs + Bowls

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by bigjonson, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Ive been currently using homemade bowls and bongs just because I kind of have to. There not that bad. It gives me a good high and its pretty easy. I have smoked from a glass bong before and its definetly better. But a good homemade gatorade bong will last you a while and theres nothing majorly wrong with them as long as you make them right. I am aware that the plastics burn and there really bad for your body but thats only on cheap water bottles. A gatorade bottles plastic is much thicker and much harder to burn. Here is my homemade bong/bowl setup.

    9/16mm ratchet head.
    2-3in thin metal pipe.
    Hollowed out used AK-47 shell with a hole drilled in it for the neck of the bowl.
    Metal screen.
    Put these pieces together you got yourself a decent bowl.

    Bong:Gatorade bottle. (Any size preferrably not the small ones)
    9/16mm ratchet head.
    2-3in metal pipe.
    A carb cut into the bottle.
    Metal screen.

    Before you start hatin I am under the age of 18 and I dont have the luxuries of real bongs and bowls.

    Weve all had homemade bong/bowl times so share with me some of your homemade smoke items.
  2. still gross dood grab a glass spoon or something cheap
    oh yeah n you need to be 18 to be on this site
  3. You mean you are above 18. ;)
  4. Le sigh, another member lost to the age police :(

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