Homemade bongs, bowls, bubblers

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  1. Please don't give me shit for using plastic, I don't really care. It's just for fun, not necessity.

    Badass Bowl
    Bowl, no airflow between yellow and white things so it fills up through tubes.
    -Lip balm shell
    -air pump tubing

    Simple bubbler, I made a bubbler using this exact jar a few years ago and happened to find it while looking for supplies. Decided to recreate it.
    -air pump tubing
    -perfect jar, lucky find

    Perc bong
    Bong with a built in 6-arm percolator(sorry, can't see the percolator, just trust me :) ) was bored and stoned 1 night, which got me started building these as a hobby.
    -Perfume container for base
    -Random tube from christmas
    -Aussie hairspray bottle(cleaned many times over)
    -Straws for percolator

    Perc bong V2
    Heavily upgraded version of the 1 above. Bong with a built in 6-arm percolator(that you can now see), an ash catcher, a diffuser downstem(sorry you can't see it really), and tubes smoke travels through for the fuck of it(hard to see but there is a divider in between so smoke must travel through tubes)
    -Perc bong
    -Slider(made from a part of my hookah)
    -Spice container for ash catcher
    -Pen shell(modified into a diffuser)
    -Air pump tubing

    4 chamber bong
    A bong with many hoses and chambers. Smoke gets filtered 3 times in 2 directions. If you look closely you can see the divider in the main chamber for the 4th chamber.
    -Random tube
    -Body spray bottle(washed many times over)
    -2 Large pill bottles
    -Air pump tubing

    More to come! Tell me whatcha think :)
  2. that's cool as, love the double chamber one :bongin:
  3. The first one was pretty cool, just don't know if I would use cuz it's plastic.. still love the tubing idea though.

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