Homemade bongs and sealing them

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  1. So i would like to start by saying that i began smoking regularly like 2 or 3 months ago. But i recently made a bong with an ash catcher and 2 chambers, it works fine but i just sealed it with scotch tape, so its like a shanty pipe.

    but im sure to make this a long term bong, i need better sealant!

    What can i use? like caulk or maybe just more heavy duty tape?

    please let me know.
  2. Hot glue. If you don't have a glue gun, just heat it with a lighter and smear it where you need to have a seal. Works great.
  3. This^ the thing with hotline is where heat or water touches it often it begins to start peeling off be extra heavy on parts you can't acces later on parts where there is absolutely no heat use caulk if you can it's amazing
  4. hot glue for years man!
  5. e6000. crafts section of most stores.
  6. Scotch tape or any tape for that matter doesn't really work well, if it gets wet it won't stick... I've been living at home this year sadly after last year at school didn't work out but now that I'm here I haven't had many legit glass pieces.. I found a bunch of containers of Play-Doh and I've never used anything better to seal my homemade bongs. It really works well, and it stays in place when you pull out the stem so you don't need a carb

    P L A Y D O H
  7. Electrical tape, just stretch it out and give it a nice wrap, completely air tight
  8. There is industrial tape that is water and air tight, i use it for my homemade bongs
  9. Depending upon the size of your bowl/downstem, you can buy grommets. They work GREAT!
  10. Playdoh dries up after a while and shrinks up. I like to just make the hole for the grommet a tiny bit too small so it fits tightly.
  11. Eww don't use gum.
  12. I initially used scotch tape, but as that didn't work, I tried using heavy body acrylic gel medium and paint (art major, had some lying around)it sort of worked, but water is still coming through somehow.
  13. Hot glueeeee

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