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Homemade Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dancemusicninja, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I just finished my first (non disposable) homemade bong. It's pretty much as basic as you can get, but I'd like your guys' input on what I should change and/or add on to the bong (and list the materials needed as well).

    The Bong Consists Of:

    1ft Tall Clear Dense Plastic Tube with an Airtight Cap on One End (Around 2 1/2" in Diameter)
    Door Stop (Bowl & Stem)
    Metal Shield from an iPod Earbud (Screen)
    Electric Tape (To Create an Airtight Seal Where the Stem/Bowl Meet the Plastic Tube)

  2. Looks like it would rip fine. Although I wouldn't use a screen and would just pack 1 hitters.

    Once you resin down the bowl a little bit a screen isn't really necessary.

  3. Why no screen though?
  4. Id make sure you burn off any paint on that doorstop too.

  5. A step ahead :smoke:
  6. Nice bong! I thought I was the only one who used the ipod headphones screen thing.

    It looks like it should work fine, have you tried it out yet?
  7. is that doorstopper completely air tight? seems like smoke would pass between the coils. but i can tell if it would for sure from the picture and im assuming youve tested in and it works
  8. That's cool.

    I don't like smoking out of plastic. I think you'd be better off buying a $15 glass bong at your LHS.

  9. In order to get a solid bong in town it's going to run me 80$ :/ i live on an island

  10. Haven't tested it yet, but yeah. The door stopper is airtight and only the bowl portion of it is outside the tube.

  11. I haven't tested it yet, but I have a feeling it's going to work fine... I added on an ice chamber too, so that should make it a whole lot better.
  12. I'm kinda new to this whole thing but just the other day I made one out of a lava lamp. I had to empty that shit out and wash like 100 times. After I FINALLY drilled through it with my diamond bit though, i realized how fuckin sweet this was gunna be. So i invited my friend over and we put it back on the original base. With the light under it, it looked so damn cool.

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