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  1. The first Picture is the bottle I used to make the bong before I started, I emptied it out and took off the labels with lighter fluid, then I used a 1/2" Diamond Tip Drill Bit to drill a hole through the glass. I went to a hardware store and got some rubber gommets and put it inside the hole, Then i used the glass tube and slider from an old bong. I used some epoxy to make sure that there were no leaks in the bong and too make sure the bong was completley air tight. I think it looks pretty good, This was much cheaper then getting a bong in China Town and its better quality then those pieces of shit.

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  2. this is a toking tool!
  3. Fine observation
  4. He meant it should be in the "Toking Tools" section
  5. haha oh okay
  6. Can I move it to there??

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