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homemade bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by littlec7821, May 25, 2009.

  1. heres what i got so far
    i used a piece of bamboo for the downstem.


    its not airtight but i was gonna use duct tape for that once i have it all finished. i need something to use for the bowl though, and i want to use something permanent so not foil or something. i dont own a socket thing and i have no money so i cant buy anything... anything lying around most people's houses that i could use that no one would miss? i also need something for the mouth piece and im not sure what to use for that either but that'll be easier to find im sure.

    btw im gonna cut down the bamboo later.
  2. That looks cool, awesome idea for the downstem im going to have to try it.
  3. what could i use for the bowl though?

    also the mouth piece... i can probably find something lying around but like i had this plastic tube that would be perfect but i think i got rid of it a while ago
  4. bump?

    also this bamboo is fucking hard to cut... any tips?
  5. lol i thought you WERENT gonna cut it.
    at first i thought you attached a bowl to it, but it was like way, way, high up, and i was all like how the fuck does he plan to light that thing?

    but now i see.... plus rep for the bamboo tho, thats pretty champ man

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