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  1. High all im intrested in makin a homemade bong .. ive got some raw materials and i have found the base i would like to use .. ill post some pics in a sec
  2. [​IMG]

    also Post 100 !
  3. i also got about 3ft of Rubber Tubing heres a pic

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  4. and i was thinkin to use one of these for slider but i dont know where to buy one .. any1 know and about how much USD it will cost thnxs a bunch


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  5. im assuming thats made out of glass? what the hell was orriginally in there? i dunno if that will be such a good item to use for a bong, its a little long, your going to have to have a bigger bowl for a long bong, and bigger tubing then that.. might want to look for a smaller thing to use....

    EDIT: trumpet mouth peices work great for a bowl. Go to a music store and you'll be able to get one for a couple bucks...

  6. Or...you could buy an actual slide, glass or metal, from a headshop for $5 - $10. Probably be cheaper and easier to aquire than a mouthpiece on a musical instrument.
  7. there are no headshops in chicago around where i live or that i have access to go to )

    @grass roots : yes it is Glass .. about 12' tall
  8. the first picture is

    and theres no headshops in the area of CHICAGO you live in?! I'm pretty sure there is probably at least 1 headshop within 20 miles of you
  9. 20 miles is prettyy far when u dont have a car ne more ... and when i can just steal one of the mouth pieces from school in the band room for FREE =p

  10. a.k.a. your not 18 and didnt read the sighn up sheet, and are not suppose to be here and are not of legal age to go to a head shop and should not be advertisinging it so blatently because it can get you ban from this site...
  11. Uhhhh, where did he say he's not 18? I'm confused.

  12. ok fine maby i was high at the time :p so shoot me :D

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