Homemade Bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Me and my friend are seeing who can make the best homemade bong. Whats the best thing to use for the down stem/bowl?
  2. i use bic pens for stems and sockets for bowls. ive got pictures in my gallery thing for examples
  3. Common lamp parts are great for down stems Available at hardware stores
    & come in a varity of lengths from 3/4 inch up to 3 foot.Lamp parts are also
    1/8 inch I.P.S.(Iron Pipe Standard) thread the Female threaded couplers are
    handy too. Also most common screw on bowls,metal or wood, are
    1/8 inch I.P.S. as well

  4. For a bowl, use a socket with a whole through it. get a screen or use a nug to cover the whole and don't smoke too hard. But with a screen it's a lot easier.

    A family hardware cabinet or garage is your dream. pipes, sockets, random shit with screens that you can use

    and if you really have nothing like that, if you have a ceiling fan, you can use that for a bowl. A small one. Look at your ceiling fan. Put your eye on one of the two strings that you pull to turn the light on or spin it. Follow it to its base. Twist that off, and you have that for a bowl. Sockets are bigger and better though. with a screen, it's game time.

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