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Homemade Bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HerbIsDaWord, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Is a homemade bong close to a real bong? Like will it get you as high? Not as high as a real bong? Or not really high...
  2. No difference in highs from my personal experiences, I mean the only difference will be the heat of the smoke
  3. A quality bong makes a HUGE difference! There are so many variables to consider, such as percolators or the height of the piece, as well as nicer glass that keeps your smoke tasting fresh, and perhaps some ice cubes or an ash catcher would make the experience better.

    Most importantly though: a good bong must have the ability to have the bowl pulled out and used as a carb.

    So many reasons to buy a nice piece. One day, a vaporizer :smoke:

    EDIT: To answer your question, a nice glass bong will get you MUCH higher than a homemade bong. I'm sure the rest of GC would back me up on that.
  4. Yes, if a homemade bong was equal to a nice glass piece then the market for the item would be minimal. Glass> homemade, although I've seen some nice homemade pieces haha.
  5. If you don't have a tolerance, a homemade bong is fine, but obviously glass is better than homemade
  6. Well i know a glass / regular one would be much better. And by homemade i mean like spending $0 / using a big 2 litter bottle. And my tolerance isnt high at all. A bowl will get me pretty high
  7. I've smoked out of some pretty awesome homemade bongs before...
  8. Your better off making a waterfall bong or gravity if it's homemade.
  9. does it cost anything? n ill just youtube how to make it i guess. I would stick to my bowl like usual or blunt if im smoking with friends, but i wanna change it up!
  10. I have recently bought a bong after years of making my own. There's no difference in how high you get, unless you really suck at making bongs. The concept is the same, just in a more robust, reliable vessel. I definitely recommend you invest in one.
  11. I use to make waterbottle bongs all the time when I would get bored (before I had my own glass one that is). You still get really stoned and the hits are nice, I would make them out of those ice tea arizona bottles :p homemade pieces are always nice, i love the hell out of apple pipes, (if you dont mind geting a little sticky shave down an apple and make a bowl out of it and attach it to your waterbottle bong) :p
  12. I used to make my own bongs before I bought mine. I liked it for the most part. Didn't notice any difference in the high.

  13. What this guy said. Homemade gravity bongs really pack a punch.
  14. A well made homemade billy will get you as high as you wanna get. As long as it's air-tight, the only variable in how high you get is the shit your smoking!
  15. I've made some nice glass homemades and most of them were about as good as any simple GonG that I've ever used.
  16. Lol the bong isn't really going to affect the high itself. The better the bong, the more enjoyable the experience is however. A shitty bong will give you a nasty, harsh hit, while a good bong with sufficient percolation will give a smooth and pleasant hit.
  17. Also, I would advise against any plastic or glue use.
  18. A nice bong will make for a more pleasurable experience, but I wouldn't say there's a huge amount of difference in the high that good bongs produce versus a homemade bong. The smoke is still going in your lungs, right?

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