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Homemade Bong w/slide and ice catchers.

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by The Green Toker, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. This is my new bong that I just finished making. I will upload milk shots later this evening.

    Made from 2 pill bottles, and a grape/blueberry bottle, pen, hot glue, and my homemade pipe.

    Pictures taken from my lg voyager :) :





    Taken apart

    My little slide like thing.

    Ice chamber

    Ice chamber


    I made this in about 45 mins.

    I can add on to it in the future.

    Here is the link to my homemade pipe :
  2. great pics for a phone
  3. haha i rememeber tellin you to make a sick bong when you posted your first thread
  4. Do you guys have any idea how unhealthy it is to actually smoke out of something like that???????? :confused:
  5. whatever :rolleyes:, I am watching E3 09 live, and about to go make a milk shot video.
  6. Thanks, lol, but the video im bout to make wont be as good.
    Haha, cool, but i don't remember.
  7. The heat from the smoke on your downstem, because of it being plastic, will cause you to inhale plastic. . . save like 60 bucks up and go and buy a nice mini bong instead. It is fun to make and contruct things, but in the long run your health will thank you.
  8. No, because the flame does not touch the plastic because the bowl is far from the plastic.
  9. You would be suprised how hot the smoke is coming through the downstem, its deffinately hot enough to vaporize plstic mane, not trying to dog on you, but its for yourt health dude, plastic vapors are mad toxic.
  10. what is that funnel yoiu used for a bowl?
  11. Okokok, i will find a metal tube.
    A little icing spreader end cap thing, lol.
  12. that thing is definitely not good for your health but its gotta be fun to smoke out of
  13. I dont get why the fuck it is not good for your health:mad: maybe some of you didn't click the link to see what the pipe part was made out of, its acrylic and metal, not plastic.:mad:
  14. They mean the smoke coming from the bowl. It hits the plastic pen for the downstem before it is cooled. I doubt it would be hot enough, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
  15. Yea, its not hot enough, but I guess I will find a metal tube to replace it anyways.
  16. Dude, smoking from it one time isnt going to kill you.
    Sorta like one cigarette wont give you lung cancer, one drink wont kill your liver.

    Ya know?
    I still agree with everyone that its dangerous, but mostly in the long term...
    Milkshot vid?:bongin:
  17. Currently out of bud :(
  18. When you burn a dried plant, it creates very hot smoke. You're sucking that very hot smoke into a tiny plastic stem. Just because the top is made of acrylic and metal, it doesn't mean it's not going create plastic vapors when it travels through the pen.
  19. Very nice man, You could make it even taller if you wanted haha xD

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