Homemade bong w/ ashcatcher, perc, and ice catcher/splash guard

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    Made this home made in about an hour, it has a pill bottle 3 tree arm perc, and another pill bottom with a small hole in it as a splash guard, I also fill this pill bottle with crushed ice

    W/o further ado:

    You can't REALLY see it, but there's three straws in there:

    And here's MY FIRST EVER MILKVID of the bong above, enjoy!
  2. lol nice, you should make a tutorial. :wave:
  3. Well, I don't really have time to do all that now. But yeah this thing hits like a champ. the down stem that from the ashcatcher is diffused. And the ashcatcher is detachable, but I usually just use the carb I burned in the top of the ashcatcher bottle.

  4. yea you really should
  5. But the true question: does it hit very well?
  6. true that:cool:
  7. Hits VERY well actually. I'll try and put a milk bid up soon

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