homemade bong stopper.

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    Hey blades. I have been cleaning my glass with isopropyl alcohol and salt for quite some time. I recently bought a large jug of simple green cleaner after seeing other people with success cleaning not only the resin stains but also hard water stains (not to mention its reusable). I'll be putting all of the smaller pieces into ziplock baggies and filling it up with simple green but my question is: how can I make a homemade stopper for the 29 millimeter opening on my joint so that I can fill it all the way to the top with cleaner and let it soak? I guess if I have to, I can go to a hardware store or something similar and look for rubber stoppers but I was wondering if there was a good homemade option that someone had already discovered. Thanks everyone!
  2. Wine stopper thingy majiger
  3. Good call they make ones that are cone shaped but not sure it would fill 29mm. I don't have one lying around either...
  4. Damn idk about 29mm but I've seen some biggins
  5. Wine stopper is perfect for 18mm. If lucky, you may find assorted sizes of cork at a craft/hobby store. You can also buy a few different sizes online for cheap if you have to. I use a wine stopper for my 18mm joint and cork for my mouthpiece and the cork works very well.

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