Homemade Bong Showoff!!

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  1. Hello fellow tokers,
    for those of you like myself, we must be able to light up without being able to buy our own bongs, for whatever reasons we have, so we resort to making our own. I started this thread to show off our hard work we've put into our own creations.

    I'll start off by posting mine, it's the third i've made (along with a pipe), but it's the first one i've been proud of.

    I used a 1.4 L Pom bottle because i loved the shape of it and thought it would be great. I then cut/burned a hole into the side for a clear mechanical pencil shell (so i could see the smoke go through) and hot glued that to make it watertight. I burned the end of the pencil that goes into the bottle and poked holes into it so the smoke goes through well and filters nicely in the water. Then, i attached a pill bottle which acts as a secondary filter, then burned a hole through the top for my bowl which extends into the water using a pen shell. The hits on this are smooth as hell and awesome! Put some ice in it, and they're even smoother.

    I'm eager to see what else people have made!

    (Might post with me smoking through it later)

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  2. Theres been like 5 of these threads created in the past week. I award your creativity, but try to search next time.
  3. Its pretty cool. Post a milk pic ha!

  4. The toxins that come off all the plastic in that must be tasty and good for you! Just kidding, not at all.. no hate just a warning lol

  5. The only way i would get toxins would be if i was burning it, and i've made sure i don't make that mistake like i did with the first two... haha thanks though :)

  6. Sorry man, too stoned to find them. But also i'm new here, so i don't really know how to navigate and search.. sorry 'bout that
  7. I got those scissors haha. Lets see you milk that ho
  8. Mechanical pencil stem? Drag city man! Find something with a bigger diameter and that thing will hit and clear SO much better. I'd suggest a highlighter tube.
  9. yeah,good info ,I got those scissors haha. Lets see you milk that ho.thanks[​IMG]

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