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  1. Found a nice copper bowl @ a hardware store, its perfect except for that fact that is has no hole. My friend has the equpitment, and talent to drill a whole in it.

    My question for you grasscity, what size should the whole be?

    Strawyberry Cough makes me a bad typer!# !#
  2. best size, lets here it!!
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    prolly about this big ---------> o or O
  4. O or like 2 or 3 ooo in a triangle.
  5. You generally don't want to smoke out of copper, it's a very soft metal with a lot of impurities that are brought out with heat.
  6. I would not advise smoking from copper. I was put in the hospital due to smoking from copper once. My tonsils swole up to the size of golf balls and I could barely breathe. I did some research later on and read about chemicals copper release when heated with a flame. If you are going to dyi and not buy a bowl from a head shop I'd suggest brass. On my first dyi I used a 3/4" female end so I could put a screen in it, I screwed that onto a 1/2" reducer that had a 1/4" end where a rubber hose can attach. I put a 6" length of hose, drilled my hole to the diameter of the hose and then stuck it in there. Sorry I don't have pictures to show, I may be able to get you some later, if I remember.
  7. copper is a neurotoxin, DO NOT USE THAT

    brass is made of copper

    use a glass bowl
  8. Same here about the copper. About the size of the hole, look at some other bowls? Shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Mine is about 2mm i guess.

    thanks a lot for letting me know guys, guess i gotta spend the $$ on a glass bowl. but hey, it beats dying right!

    thanks again for reading my post.
  10. You don't necessarily have to go to glass even though that will be your best bet but they sell the little metal bowls at the headshop with a slide and everything for like $5 versus getting a diffused glass stem for $25.

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