Homemade Bong/possible advice?

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    Me and my buddy made this(i got the idea, he did the work, i have no glass working experience and no dremel experience). Well if you look in the pictures, the hole is the standard size of most high end bongs, if I'm correct, its 9mm.
    But the downstem uses a(again, if I'm correct)14.5mm, the size one higher than standard.
    Well, as you can see, it doesn't go very "down". Any suggestions on how to help that? And the original seal was JB weld, the weak kind, and the downstem was actually not capable of pulling out. Any other sealing suggestions? and getting another bottle is possible, if it's past the point of fixing. The blank spots used to say "VOSS", it was the brand of water that came in the bottle. We took the label off and are going to put our own logo on it.
    This bong's name is "Vossta", for obvious reasons. Thanks for looking! :wave:


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  2. Sorry man you fucked you need a the female part and the hole has to be placed about 3-4 inches higher depending on the size of the peices
  3. Yeah, kinda figured, really. It can be redone, my problem is how to make the hole more of a female end, more compatible, if you get what I'm trying to say.
  4. youre gonna have to make the hole more ovalish so you can put the downstem at an angle. after that, jus put it at the angle you want and seal it with jb weld.
  5. I like all of the above suggestions (oval)...

    One thing you might want to try: fill it up a little higher, and use it at a 30* tilt, so that the water level is more perpendicular to the downstem.
  6. How did you make that cut without a dremel?

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