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Homemade Bong (Needs Bowl)

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Mackaman, May 3, 2010.

  1. I'm brand new to the whole bong scene, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to buy 1, so I tryed to make one.

    I'm not sure on what to use for a bowl, I was thinking to use the mouthpiece for an instrument like a saxaphone or something like that.

    This is how it looks; should I improve anything, and what about a bowl piece?
  2. i wouldnt recommend cans, you can cut yourself with that and scotch tapes gotta got, get electrical or duct tape and a plastic bottle and start over.

    if you must use cans then use a monster can with the lid on it (they do exist.)
  3. venom cans are the complete best and for bowls id get a actual glass one and if u cant afford one use anything u think would be suitable.
  4. You can use a wrench socket for a bowl, and I have heard of people using like trombone mouth pieces for bowls too.
  5. Frist off a saxphone mouthpiece would never work. Maybe a trombone or a trumpet, but a sax has a plastic piece and a reed. Not great for smoking. I've had this same problem. you have one of a few choices. If you don't care about health tin/aluminum foil is always a choice. I'm genuinely not sure who to believe as to its risks. No one has found any substantial evidence surrounding its use in smoking implements. Secondly you could roll a joint and stick it in the end. Ghetto, a pain in the ass, but safe. Third you might consider a socket. That's all I can think of. I've never heard anyone find a real good bowl for homemades, but someone has probably found one somehwere.
  6. get some papers. roll a joint..

    then get a 20oz plastic bottle and poke a hole in the side. use the tube from a bic pen as your downstem, insert the joint into the pen tube, and youve got a bong.
  7. The top of a saltshaker is probably the best bowl you can find in your home...already has the holes and are normally stainless steel so its healthy(to some extent)
  8. title edit.

    homemade bong (Needs homemade bong)

    use glass or wood when making a pipe at home or anywhere.:smoke:

  9. smoke coming directly through a downstem off the cherry melts plastic., producing a vapor you inhale.

    most wrench sockets are chrome. this plating could burn off into your lungs.
  10. my bad I didn't mean saxaphone, I meant tuba, and thnx for the options. Imma probably head to home depot or something to look for last piece, meh

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