Homemade Bong! Milk Vid! Pix! Tutorial!

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    Lol well Ive always wanted to try to make an actual bong. I always make bubblers with no downstem and permanent bowl with a carb. This time a made one with two chambers, downstem, and slide, Its all sealed really good with tape (electrical and duct), and nothing melts when I smoke out of it. It rips pretty good.

    Chambers: Two 12 oz Propel bottels cut in 40/60
    Main chamber: 20 oz Gatorade bottle
    Downstem: Expo marker with tip cut off taped to crayola marker w/tip cut off
    Slide: Chapstick tube hollowed out
    Bowl: 10mm socket with 10 cent screen
    Joints: Taped

    The Powel Bong

    The bowl and screen

    The slide


    And Milkage!
  2. Pretty sweet I love home made bongs, but are you really gonna smoke out of a plastic bowl? Thats gonna melt and burn and trust me smoking plastic does not feel good.
  3. There is no plastic melting. The only thing that could possibly get hot enough would be the tape close to the top of the bowl.
  4. hows the downstem sealed into the gatorade bottle?
  5. I used a lighter to slowly melt a hole and then I jammed it in real quick before it cooled and it molded around it. If it starts to leak ill just use some super glue to seal it up.
  6. is there some sort of trick to that? because every time ive tried that the hole either gets too big too fast or the bottle doesnt mold to the tube.
  7. Practice bro, did the same thing in my guide.

    Looks good man! dunno about the down stem though, but good effort!
  8. If it leaks you can always use some hot glue and basically weld it to the bottle. It works great
  9. Thanks dude. I like the downstem cuz its allows so much air thru really fast so it clears like BAM! Lol its good.
  10. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_ehzDjGeRg"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_ehzDjGeRg[/ame]

    that is my home-made bong, i rip it here and there

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