Homemade Bong: Is it good?

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  1. Hey, first post on the site. I just made a homemade bong out of an airsoft bb container, a pen, and tape to hold all together. I want to try it, but I need someone else to check it out first. I know a lot of homemade things, especially plastic can be dangerous to smoke from.

    If you see anything I should add or fix please let me know. :bongin:

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    Plastic bowl?? Its gonna melt dude.

    Oh and when you have a fixed bowl like that you need a carb. Basically just a dime sized hole high enough so that you wont have water spilling out of it but otherwise the lower the better. The whole point being it enables you to clear the smoke out of your bong.
  3. yeah dude that's stupid as fuck just quit smoking now its obvious you dont need to be anymore impaired.
  4. Your gonna die
  5. I can replace the bowl with something else that wouldnt melt. Do you think the overall bong would work? This is something I came up with and built in 5minutes.
  6. Plastic is a huge no no. Even the stem shouldn't be plastic. Use glass or metal. I'm sure you can find a metal pen somewhere, and as for the bowl, use a nut or something metal from Home Depot.
  7. smoking out of a can would a lot better but still not healthy

    make a apple pipe buddy
  8. Alright thanks. I think i have a metal pen. I should have some wrench sockets somewhere too, but arent the holes on those too big?
  9. Check the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom etc. Try to unscrew the end where the water comes out. It should have a screen in there you can "borrow".

    Fyi metal is bad. Do yourself a favor and at the very least don't allow the metal to get hot. The hotter it is the worse it is for you. You can pick up a small cheap glass bong for $20-40 so do that asap.
  10. Ok. So metal is bad, but better than plastic right? This "contraption" is just temp until I get a real peice, which is soon.
  11. just buy a pack of papers for a dollar and not inhale plastic fumes

  12. Use a pipe screen, available at 7-Eleven, or get wire mesh at Home Depot. I'm telling you man, Home Depot has everything :)

  13. Actually, only copper and aluminium is bad, and in fact, extremely toxic when heated up. But all other metals, especially alloys, are great.
  14. Hey Toker101 I just replaced the bowl with a metal wrench socket, I not sure what kind of metal it is but it fits and will work as a good bowl. Would you have an idea of what it is? Oh and buying papers, a bong, or anything else isnt an option right now.
  15. on a non bowl related note, that stem is way too low. that water is gonna leak out and smell up your whole house for a long time. start over.

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  16. stem can be same lenght, just make sure it enters the bong way above the waterline. it will soften the tape and some out, i learned that the hard way
  17. I already filled it with water to check if it would leak. It didnt. But I will consider this tip. Thanks.
  18. the tape aroung the stem going in the water will probly disintegrate over time

  19. I am pretty sure that wrench sockets (which by the way, was smart) are steel, which is one of the more durable metals that is easily accessible. So congrats on that, now just do what HomeSqueeze said. And also, it would be highly recommended that you go to a nearby Micheals, and buy this water/heat resistant glue called 'Goop'. Either that or 'Shoe Glue'. These two glues are the SAME EXACT THING, sold by the same company, just different sized tubes.
  20. if the hole is under the waterline it will. i will soften the tape and creep out eventualy. you could just make sure you dump it before then, but dont just get high and leave it like i did, lol

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