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  1. So I have this bong I made out of an of orangina bottle and I am wondering what to use for a Pice or bowl in it
  2. I've used arrow shaft and socket
  3. I live in Iowa so is iligal and I have used sockets and I thought a tuba mouthpice would work but i dont know where to get one also I want something that looks nice
  4. Ya mouthpieces are the best or a retired bong bowl..

    You can buy a "Tobacco Pipe" from any of your local headshops or from the Link above ^^^
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    Get a regular socket from a tool set, stick a screen in it and there you go! You can easily fashion a down-stem to fit into the bottom hole of the socket. I actually have two different sized sockets that fit together like a slide/bowl in a real piece that works well.
  6. Prior to realising how easy it is to go buy a bong from virtually any convenience store in my city, I used to MacGyver something every time I wanted to smoke-up. :p I managed to get my hands on a wooden tobacco pipe that the bowl screws off of, and I'd just make the holes the right size to screw it in. Tinfoil works to stop-up the hole around where the bowl screws in so it is as air-tight as possible... Hope this helps! :D Happy toking. ;P

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