Homemade bong for the college dorms.

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  2. Kicked out of school in no time.
  3. Go with a small pipe or bubbler if you dont wanna get kicked outta the dorms or if your RA's go around the rooms. :smoke:
  4. Save up some cash and pick up a magic flight launch box. You'll conserve weed and there is no odor to get you in trouble.
  5. sploof+1 hitters and no blunts/J's

    ^^rules to live by in college dorms.
  6. Bad idea.

    You won't be able to clean it, so it'll be easier to get caught.

    You really shouldn't smoke at ALL inside, but you may be able to vaporize IF YOU INVEST IN A QIALITY UNIT.
    DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!! on fuckcombustion.com
  7. As someone who did their time in a dorm, your best bet is to keep your shit airtight and never smoke inside. If you don't have that kind of restraint, (many of us, including myself, don't) then invest in a quality vaporizer that will last years and eliminate the better portion of your detectability. Make sure to keep that bad bitch locked away when not in use, as well.
  8. Go outside, seriously. Its soooo not worth the risk man.

    My parents let me smoke at home as long as I go outside. After smoking outside for so long, I don't even feel right smoking inside.
  9. EXACTLY. Towel under the door too if your in the bathroom.
  10. I've been taking one hit at a time snappers out of my bong and I live right next to my RA and have had no trouble. Homemade is not a good idea though, cause it won't be airtight, so smoke will leak out and make your room reek. I would listen to the others and invest in a vape.
  11. Magic flight launch box
  12. The only think I would trust would be a vaporizer that does bags and blowing that through a whoopi (toilet paper roll with dryer sheets inside). I got an arizer and love mine. Plus if they find the arizer its marked as aromatherapy and you could play it off if your RA found it.
  13. You should just go outside to smoke. But if you HAVE to smoke indoors in your dorm this is what I suggest:

    1. go into bathroom, lock door
    2. put a towel under the door, turn the fan on
    3. turn shower on and make it really hot
    4. wait til its steamy.
    5. smoke. only 1 hitter snaps though.
    6. blow it out a window if your bathroom has one, if not then blow the smoke down (towards the drain)
    7. After you smoke, shower so that you don't smell at all and the steam overcomes the left over smoke
    8. spray a little febreeze
    9. Exit... high AND clean

    i hope this stealth smoking guide helped! it works for me:)
  14. Omg, everyone chilll lol.
    I've been smoking in my dorm alot and im next to an ra. Actually did it like 4 hours ago.
    I have a bubbler and a sploof. Done. I don't even tape up or put a plastic bag over fire detector.

    the sploof I have is home made and its its oderless. I has a mini gatorade bottle andi cut down the plastic on the bottom and taped a paper towel on the bottom. And filled it with carbon filter. Done

    Breathe through it and ull see smoke but its orderless. Lol jus don't be stupid and you wont get cought.

    so much better to smoke in my dorm, its like chilling watching tv and have my bubbler next to me, amazing feeling.

    Ill post a photo of the sploof later
  15. I disagree. First off a "sploof" will most likely just make your room smell like weed AND dryer sheets. Feel free to try it if you like, but in my opinion they're overrated. Better than nothing maybe, but don't think because you have a paper towel holder and a few bounty sheets that you're not going to get caught.

    and you should be as careful as possible when smoking in a dorm. Avoid doing what this guys does :rolleyes:

    here is a quote from flexyour rights...

    "Finally, we've observed that marijuana smoking is the quickest and easiest way to get in trouble in your dorm. Many schools put significant resources into catching and punishing marijuana users on campus, often resulting in severe sanctions such as arrest, removal from the dorms, suspension, urine testing, fines, parental notification, etc."

    this emphasizes how important it is to be careful IF you decide to smoke in your dorm.

    I hope this helped.

    Peace and Pot.
  16. This is not true a homemade would work perfectly fine. I have a homemade bong out of a aluminum bottle. I drilled the hole and bought the rest of the pieces from my local headshop($7). Rips are nice, airtight (has all the right and correctly made pieces), and can be easily cleaned.

    This is the key, I would not smoke the bong inside at any cost. I keep my bottle bong outside in some shrubs. I screw the cap back on and keep the bowl piece with me. A little cork in the slide and no smell at all.

    I would hide it in a good spot around ur dorm( cant be linked to you) and just pack the bowl and go and rip it.
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    Bro, the sploof that I have is prob very different then. What you think it is. When u breathe through it the smell is gone. Like gone and there wouldn't be a way that I could or my friends can get cought. Unless we take a hit and then breathe out on top of the fire alarm. The oder is the biggest problem in getting caught.

    With sploof=oderless. You do the math:D
    its carbon filter, takes order out of anything that touches its surfaces lol

    Ill post a picture of it.
    Im not telling you to do it, but this is my recomendation and it works.
    I litterally do my hw sometimes and put my bub in the fridge and then toke up and chill.
    going outside jus takes too much work LOL. Feel safe jus in my room and jus chilling. Pack bowl then ligh,t breathe out in sploof feeeeel lifted, thennn chill. Haha:smoke:

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