Homemade beef jerky.

Discussion in 'General' started by Lokei360, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Not bad looking for homemade oven jerky haha.
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  2. Beef?

    Edit: nvm re-read thread title. Lol
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  3. Better than jack links

  4. I could eat some of that Now bro looks nice, I'm planning on making some myself soon:smoke: what cut of beef did you use? And how long did the process take you ?
  5. I use marinated carne asada in my excaliber dehydrator, i use 185°for at least 6hrs.
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  6. Im using beef round bottom steak. Between marinating and cooking around 16 hours. Want my marinade recipe?
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  7. Yeah if If you don't mind posting it bro:smoke:
  8. Aight so for liquids-
    1 cup - Water
    1 cup - Sweet honey BBQ sauce.
    1 1/2 oz - Soy sauce.
    1-2 cups - Teriyaki sauce.
    1-2 tablesoons - Liquid Smoke.
    2 cups - Worcestershire sauce.
    1 tablespoon - Honey (Optional).

    For drys we got.-
    2 pinches - Salt.
    1 tablespoon - Cayenne pepper.
    As many as you want - Crushed red peppers. I usually shake it for like 15 seconds.:yay:
    1 tablespoon - Chipotle black pepper.
    1 1/2 tablespoons - Garlic powder.
    1 1/2 tablespoons - Onion powder.
    1 1/2 tablespoons - Pepper.
    1/2 cup - Brown sugar.

    Let mix that up real good and let your meat sit in that for 12-36 hours and its gonna be bomb. Guarenteed. Happy smokin my friend:weed:
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  9. It sounds good bro thanks for posting I'll post the results when I finally get round to doing it & to you smoke up and enjoy the beef jerky:smoking::smoking:
  10. Bad ass but brotato chip. What are those different colored grease spots?

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  11. The darker spots are from the last batch i did 2 days before
  12. Looks excellent bro! Just cannot beat homemade... good job...
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  13. That does look good. Do you mix the wet and dry ingredients before you marinade or do you marinade in the wet and rub with the dry?
  14. I mix the wet first. Then i mix all the dry, and put it in the marinade and place my meat in. Then i make sure to get each strip well covered and cover and let sit for 24 hours, then before i cook i make sure to mix it all one last time
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  15. That's a really clever set up. I could definitely eat that right now.

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