Homemade Aeroponic/Fogponic

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    I want to make a home made set up that utilizes both aeroponics and fog ponics.

    Here is what would be needed:
    One slanted hollow table (so that water runs down to one end and back down into reservoir)
    One 10 Gallon Reservoir
    Several Ultrasonic Foggers
    One water pump
    Some PVC piping to run from reservoir through the inside of hollowed table
    Some spray heads (oscillating are best)

    How I would set it up:
    I will be using an air hockey table that has been modified. I have taken the part with holes that air escapes through off and replaced it with a solid piece of wood that has several holes cut out (these are where the plants will go)

    The bottom of 2 legs have been taken off so that it tilts to one side (Player 2 is screwed). The idea is to have water start in the reservoir, be moved to the roots in the table, and have the water flow freely back into the reservoir.

    The reservoir has been placed underneath the lowered end of the table, a hole has been cut in the top and matched up to catch drainage. A strait PVC pipe 3'' in diameter about 1 foot long connects the 2 which allows for drainage and for fog to rise up. Ultrasonic foggers are placed in the reservoir to create fog. Ideas about getting the fog into the table would be helpful, another pipe with a fan might work.

    One smaller PVC pipe extends out to water pump then extends up into Table. Once inside table, branches off to 6 ends with 2 rotating sprayers each. Soaks roots from underneath constantly. Water runs back into reservoir perfectly, however most of the fog is staying in the reservoir. Should I wait and let it fill up the entire system or find a way to get the fog in the roots chamber?

    For lighting I have about 30 fluorescent tubes hitting all angles from about half a foot.
    6 on each horizontal side, 4 on each vertical side, and 10 on the roof above the plants.
    May consider putting individual LEDs in middle of the grove.

    I am looking for suggestions and an answer to my question. So please help me out!
    Thanks, good high.
  2. To get the fog up you might wanna try something like this .

    Haven't tried it myself, but should work I think.

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