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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MilkyLumpkinz, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. You might want to look into welfare. or some government aid.

    no one should be homeless....especially in the united states
  2. heyy guys so I've been filling out applications a shitload an sorting threw all my shit to see what I'll really need as I only have a backpack & a duffle bag which r quite small..the bright side is I met a guy named Johnny today an hes looking for a receptionist,he wants me to go in for an interview weds an see how things go,he said even if he doesn't feel I'm qualified he will help me get a job else where as he has connections..wish me luck :]
  3. Good Luck

    Don't be tricked into doing sexual favors for Johhny because he seems nice. Predators know how to spot someone in a desperate situation and they exploit them

  4. loool dw man I'm not that desperate but thanks for worrying :rolleyes:
    I think things will go well..I feel like I might have a better chance now :)
  5. Well don't fuck johhny till you get a job and work there for a while. Trust me predators are gonna predator and plus drama could fuck shit up.
  6. haha you trollin'?
  7. looool! I'm not gonna fuck anyone ever unless Ive been with someone for awhile...I'm pretty sure those arent his intentions though,he sees like a genuine guy..if anything I think hes just looking to help someone really, of course I'm not gonna trust someone fully until I know them so we will see but as of now I'm just following my gut an so far I feel like there isn't any bad motives or intentions,I also feel pretty excited about all of this,I was a bit worried about everything but this def gives me hope
  8. Definatly I hope it works out. I just know people get in desperate situations and they feel like this is there "one chance" and they make rash bad decisions. I hope everything does work out. But remember, socio-paths can come off as the nicest people when you meet them. I hope you did find someone who was genuinely nice.
  9. yeah dude

    Men have never taken advantage of a desperate women, ever....... :rolleyes:
  10. a GUN would be best for protection but good luck getting one these days
  11. ? Not sure what you mean, its pretty damn easy to buy a gun if you dont have felonies

    Edit: Im in the south though where everyone buys guns:D
  12. Does anyone else think this is the worst idea ever? You're not going to escape any stress by becoming homeless
  13. I stopped reading most of this after I read "my favorite stuffed animal"
  14. do you have an iphone?
  15. logan,I would say go suck a dick but I'll just say "Go fuck urself" because u are a dick..don't sit there an judge shit u don't know, u wanna call ppl lazy fuck when u have no idea wtf goes on, look in the fucking mirror dipshit, I'd rather be called a lazy fuck then literally be a cock sucking asshole called logan :)

    an no I don't have an iphone,the fuck? lol if I did I'd also prob have money an wouldnt be in this situation..
  16. [quote name='"livinlifebro"']You kinda loook like a piggyyy based off your avatar. No offense[/quote]

    What do I look like? c:
  17. Op looks fine.
    But op try to stay with a roof over your head and advance your self untill you can move out or.have a job atleast.
  18. if I get this job weds I'll hold out as long as I can until I save up enough.. hope I get it :)
  19. No one really chooses to be homeless, it unfortunately just happens

  20. [​IMG]
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